Ray & Del Arseneault's Review

“Excellent food, excellent service, excellent hospitality.” Read It


Dianne's Review

“The family atmosphere was very welcoming and the staff were friendly and attentive. The variety of menu choices was ideal for a party of 6 (especially having Greek food choices in a small town restaurant). I definitely recommend checking out this restaurant, you won't be disappointed!” Read It

From Toronto Ghosts

"I was a bartender upstairs in the loft. When I closed late at night I would turn all lights off, when I left the building Id look up only to see lights back on. This would happen a few times a week. Some days when I opened Id find the cupboards or bar area somewhat re-arranged. One early evening sitting on the patio someone kept touching my moms shoulder but there was no one near her. The ghost (GEORGE) was never hurtful or threatening he was just mischievous." Read It

Joshua's Review

"From the States I must say, the meal here was great. Greek food almost at its best. I enjoy the drive from Windsor to here and I enjoy the food. Always have had great service and its never crowded...I'll be back soon." Read It

Sum's Review

"Excellent excellent excellent every time we go. You can taste the difference quality makes in the food served here. Tender meats, fresh fish, homemade Greek food, cold drinks, and friendly service. Our favorite place to go when in Kingsville." Read It

Hotels4u101's Review

"This is an amazing restaurant! The history behind the restaurant is spooky and amazing. When you walk into the restaurant you smell amazing food. The view of the hotel is spactacular . I ordered the chicken stuffed with broccoli. First you had a choice of salad or soup. I had the salad, but make sure you ask for extra dressing. My meal came and it was breath taking. The chicken stuffed with broccoli looked good and it had melted cheese on top.it was surved on rice with roast potatoes. It was amazing. I deffinalty reccomend this dish." Read It

nikki9645's Review

"We visited Kingsville for the first time and were pleasantly surprised. What a quiet small town with friendly people saying hi on the streets and striking up conversation wherever you go. When we travel to different areas we depend on locals' recommendations for where to dine; locals know! Four different individuals recommended Kings Landing and now we know why!!!! Friendly service is an understatement for what we experienced. The staff greeted us at the door, gave excellent recommendations from the menu, and really made us feel like regulars. After reading over the menu and contemplating over their many menu options, we went for 4 different meals and shared. The fish was so fresh, as if it jumped right from the harbour onto our plate. The steak was perfectly seasoned and made to order; tender and delicious. The Greek dish was traditionally prepared and actually reminded us of our trip to the greek isles. Aside from the fantastic meal and service, this restaurant had history; A long standing building with a past of rum running during prohibition, an old hotel, and supposedly a ghost! Make sure to read the front page of your menu. Our visit to Kingsville was great and dining at kings landing made it ever so memorable. We will be back as soon as we have the chance... My mouth is watering even writing this review!" Read It

Dylan K's Review

“Great food with a great view!” Read It

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