George The Ghost

Ghost_stairs_smThe original Grovedale House (now Kings Landing) was built in 1886. In 1918 the building was left abandoned until it was purchased in 1945 by Alf and Lou Pearce; the building was in a state of disrepair. The structure was remodelled and by 1951 the new owners, the Pearces, moved in on the second floor. They opened a restaurant on the ground floor and operated it as the Grovedale Tavern.

Ghost_Stills_smIt wasn't long before they realized the presence of an uninvited guest, George. The ghost is supposedly that of George Stills, a Lake Erie fisherman working as a night watchman during Prohibition. He reportedly was cheated out of his share of the Grovedale House and when he refused to leave, he was killed. The Pearces reported hearing footsteps upstairs when they were below, their dog Bruce would sometimes withdraw growling with his hair on end, and their cat would hiss and exit the room. The lights would always be on when left off or off when left on, the bathroom door would never stay shut, and wallpaper would be ripped from his former room. George also likes to turn the taps on and leave them running. Some people claim to have been touched by the cold, clammy hand of George and some who presently work at Kings Landing won't go upstairs alone. Some believe his presence is still felt. No one seems to know for sure who George was. But whomever, he seems mischievous but harmless enough. Believe it or not!